If you have any questions about your home or wish to discuss the potential for a home improvement project, please feel free to submit your question below. Perhaps I can address your question via email however it is usually more beneficial to see the house and discuss your ideas in person. 

The first consultation is free.  Once I have had a chance to learn about your objectives and have gotten a look at the house, I can provide a proposal for the design fees and a timeline that is tailored to your needs. If an agreement is reached the design process can begin; it usually involves the compilation of information regarding setback requirements and other code considerations, the generation of drawings depicting existing conditions and further discussion regarding the goals of the project and budget. 

The level of service provided can be customized to match your budget and ranges from full services that include the design and documentation of the project as well as the selection of fixtures, plumbing and lights, materials, finishes and the like to a more stripped down level of service that provides just the basic plans required for the purpose of obtaining necessary permits.  This latter course allows the homeowner to become fully involved with the selection of their own fixtures and materials while saving design fees.

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